This information is reproduced from MG 2004 Sport and Racing Catalogue.


 Prices don’t include VAT!

Rally Cars – Super 1600
Engine   1.6K with c220ps.
Transmission   6-speed sequential gearbox
Body   Seam-welded and welded in rollcage
Suspension -front MacPherson Strut, coils and 3-wayadjustable dampers
  -rear Independent, coils and 3-way adjustable dampers.

Adjustable anti-roll bars front and rear

Steering   Rack & Pinion
Brakes -front 300mm (gravel) or 335mm via vented discs with 4-pot callipers
  -rear 265mm vented discs with 2-pot calipers
Wheels & Tyres   15/64 x 15 on 6J rims (gravel)

17/63 x 17 on 7J rims (tarmac)

Dimension (mm)   3990 x 1688 x 2505
Weight (kg)   960
Fuel Tank (litres)   60
PRICE   A full kit of pts is available from $100k


Rally Cars – Group N
The group N ZR is based on the standard car with the following permitted modifications and additions:
  • Bolt-in or weld-in rollcage
  • Sump Guard
  • Tank Guard
  • Internal fuel lines
  • heated windscreen
  • Competition steering wheel
  • Competition seats
  • Competition 6-poit harness
  • Navigators footrest
  • Navigators map light
  • Helmet hammock
  • Klaxon horn
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Tripmeter
  • Competition exhaust system
  • Competition brake pads
  • Brake proportioning valve
  • Competition brake hoses
  • Competition springs and dampers with adjustable front top mounts
  • Uprated suspension, engine mount and gearchage bushes
  • Battery cut-off switch

PRICE: ZR105 – £19,995 or ZR160 – £26,750


ZR – one make series!

Car is is based on a 3 door ZR 160 with the following modifications :

Lightened and seam welded shell
Full bolt-in roll cage
Competition seat and 6-point safety harness
Standard facia, instruments, switches, heater etc.
All interior soft trim deleted
Lightweight door casings
Body painted in any standard ZR colour plus championship decals

Adjustable competition dampers front & rear
Uprated suspension, engine and gearbox mount bushes
Optional range of springs with adjustable platforms
Camber adjustable top mounts
Range of alternative anti- roll bars
Spherical jointed track control arms
Uprated brake master cylinder
Competition brake pads front & rear
Adjustable brake proportioning valve
ABS system deleted
Handbrake deleting
Aeroquip brake and fuel lines
205/620 R17 slick and wet tyres on 17×7 alloys

See Powertrain sub-section

Plumbed-in fire extinguisher system
Battery cut-off switch
Vehicle minimum weight 920kg




ENGINES – the new K4 2 and 1.8 litre!

Introducing the new K4 2-litre. New for 2004 is the K4 2-litre which has been developed in conjunction with Judd – the engine specialists with a long list of successes in World Sports Car and Indycar racing. This power unit is revealed in road car form at the Autosport Show in the new ultra high performance MG ZR – the ZR X-Power 210. The 2-litre capacity is achieved by increasing both the bore and the stroke of the 1.8K. This, plus some very special work to the cylinder head to allow a large increase in gas flow rate, gives a naturally aspirated engine capable of over 100ps per litre at only 7,000 rpm with a very wide spread of torque. In an exploratory outing at the Thruxton round of the Britcar endurance championship in October 2003, this engine in an otherwise standard ZR one-make race car, comfortably won the 2-litre class – with what was basically a road engine.

During 2004, further developments of this engine will become available, and in race trim expect at least 250ps at 8000 rpm.

The initial engine specification which has road car driveability, refinement and durability, and is SVA emission compliant, is as follows.


K4 2-litre


Tuftrided, cross-drilled crankshaft.

Large bore (82.5mm) cylinder liners.

Gas-flowed ultra big valve cylinder head

High lift camshaft

Hydraulic tappets

Modified conrods

Forged 3-ring pistons

Compression ratio – 11.0:1

52mm throttle body

Sequential injection

High flow injectors

4 ignition drives

Lightweight flywheel

C210ps @ 7000rpm and 170 Ibft torque


PRICE: For a complete engine excluding clutch and exhaust manifold. From – £8,895.00


K4 1.8-litre 185ps competition engine


This power unit was developed by Sport & Racing in conjunction with Powertrain Ltd for the 2003 ZR one-make race series. It was designed to be a fast but very driveable engine capable of completing a whole seasons racing without a rebuild. Its raced on the ZR 120  non-VVC engine but uses the VVC big valve large port cylinder head and can be used as a replacement for most exciting transverse or in-line K4 installations i.e. ZR.ZS,TF, Caterham and Elise. Details are as follows:


Competition crankshaft.

Large port cylinder head

280 deg 10mm lift camshaft

Solid tappets

Forged pistons

Port injection

Ram pipes and foam filter induction system

C185ps @ 7800rpm


PRICE: For a complete engine, dyno tested, including 215mm competition clutch and lightweight flywheel. £5,495.00

Janspeed Kit – Exhaust & Intake Systems

In conjunction with Janspeed, a number of X-Power performance enhancing kits have been specifically developed for the ZR and TF ranges.

These give an improvement in power and torque across the rev-range resulting in better acceleration, more immediate throttle response and smoother all-round operation.  In each case the standard airbox is replaced by a high flow carbon fibre induction kit similar to those used in BTCC applications, and exhaust flow improvements are made via a bespoke tuned length 4-2-1 tubular manifold, a competition catalyst and a stainless steel free-flow exhaust system with a sports silencer and twin76mm tailpipes.

Where a modified cylinder head is included in the kit, this has been gas-flowed using port profiles and sizes developed on Janspeeds flow benches.



Standard Power (ps)

Kit Power (ps)

Kit Power (ps/litre)

Kit Price

ZR 105 (1.4) **





ZR 120 (1.8) **





ZR 160 (1.8VVC) **





TF 120 (1.8) **





TF 160 (1.8VVC) **





* Fitting extra

**Includes modified cylinder head




The exhaust system used the XPower performance kits are also available separately and when fitted to an otherwise standard car – they give a noticeable improvement in performance – and more a sporty sound and with 76mm tailpipes-they look great. These systems are made from high grade304 stainless steel and all bends are mandrel formed to minimise loss if wall thickness and tube volume. Manifolds are all 4-2-1 and each part is dyno tuned to establish optimum power and efficiency.  Systems are interchangeable with the standard equipment unless specified and parts are available ZR, ZS, ZT and TF. Sample prices for the back box each with twin tail pipes as follows:


Applications                 Back Box Price

ZR105                          £195

ZR120                          £195

ZR160                          £195

ZS180                          £225

ZT190                          £255

ZT260                          POA

TF115/135/160            £280



X-Power Intake systems are available either as a simple high efficiency sports air filter which is a straight replacement for the standard part in the standard airbox – or as a complete replacement system from throttle body to atmosphere.

Parts are available for ZR, ZS and TF and starts from as little as £35.50.




We have X-Power competition gearsets for both PG1 (as fitted to 1.8 ZR and all TF) and R65 (as fitted to 1.4 ZR) gearboxes.


Dog-box gearsets are suitable for serious race and/or rally competition and are available as follows

PG1 – £1995.00

R65 – £1552.50


R65 has recently been superseded in production by the IB5 unit. A dog-box gearset is currently under development and will be available soon.



An ultra close ration helical cut full synchromesh gearbox is available (as specially developed for the ZR race series).

This is equally suitable for road and competition use and can be used as a replacement for existing PG1 application (ZR, ZS, TF Elise etc).

Price £995.00



A mechanical LSD developed over many seasons of race and rally competition is available for both PG1 and R65 transmissions from £528.00



We have competition drivesafts for both ZR160 Group N and the TF range:



Short Shaft

Long Shaft









Competition clutch assemblies which include the full cover, plate and bearing for ZR120, ZR160 and all TF’s

ZR – £246.28

TF – £239.44


Sump & Tank Guards, Seats and Harnesses


The XPower sump guard is designed to withstand the toughest of rallies and has been well and truly proven on the World Cup Rally and host of other events including the roughest of British rallies. It is manufactured out of dural and is therefore very light, yet it provides total protection to the underneath of all precious components at the front of your ZR. Price – £319.25.

Complementing the sump guard is the XPower ZR tank guard which is equally well proven and costs £262.50.



In conjunction with Motordrive we have produced the XPower competition seat which is used in our works cars. It is a quality seat which is both comfortable and very strong and has the XPower logo embroidered on the squab. It is remarkably good value at £185.00 and for a small amount extra you can have your own name embroidered below our logo!


We also have a range of 5 and 6-point harnesses which are suitable for all types of competition from £119.84.


XPower harness pads provide improved comfort and can be applied to all 2" or 3" multipoint harness from £14.46 per pair.


Body shells, Rollcages and Bumpers


The ZR bodyshell is available in various stages of preparation to suit your requirements – from a bare shell without bolt-ons (bonnet, tailgate, doors and front wings) through to a seam welded shell with welded in rollcage, all bolt-ons and fully glazed. Shells can be painted in any current MGR colour at extra cost. sample prices are given below – please phone with your personal requirements.

bare shell – £1157.52

Shell with all bolt-ons – £2115.84

bare shell seam welded – £1657.52


ZR Super 1600 shells can also be prepared to various stages  – £POA



In addition to weld-in cages (£POA) we have bolt in ZR rally cages from £580 and race car cages at £672. These cages not only give excellent protection in an unfortunate event of a roll-over, they also very significantly stiffen the body structure, resulting in much more precise handling.



Designed originally for the Super 1600 rally car. This dramatic front bumper and grille moulding is now generally available! Your ZR/25/200 can look like a JWRC car from as little as £300 (bumper supplied in primer).

Large round lamps to suit the above bumper are available as fogs or spots from £157.08 per pair.


Suspension and Brakes


The XPower range of springs and lowering kits have been developed in conjunction with Eibach who are the #1 specialist automotive spring manufacturer., with manufacturing plants in Germany and the USA, a development centre in the UK and companies in Australia and Japan.

For the serious competitor, race and rally springs for the ZR in a range of rates are from around £50 each.


For the road, we’ve developed a range of sports lowering kits for the ZR ZS and TF. Each kit has been specifically tuned to the vehicle character to give balance between sporty looks and improved suspension performance without sacrificing ride quality. In each case the standard dampers can be retained. Price £118.95.



X-Power rally dampers for the ZR have been developed by Leda and thoroughly proven on the many group N successes including the World Cup Rally.

Fronts – £195.00 each

Rear  – £127.50 each


Our ZR race dampers have specially developed for the One-Make series but are suitable for all forms of track events.

Fronts – £270.00 each

Rears  – £180.00  each



We’ve a large range of polyurethane bushes for suspension, engine and transmission mounts. They are designed to withstand the rigours of international competition but can equally be used to improve the all-round responsiveness of your road car for very little outlay from £9.95 per unit.


ZR COMPETITION BRAKE PADS – as used on the One Make race cars and the Group N Rally cars


ZR 1.8 litre  Front/set £136.48    Rear /set £84.92   Manufacturer Mintex

ZR 1.4 litre  Front/set £99.61     Rear /set £N/A      Manufacturer Ferodo


Many other brake components – discs, callipers, aircraft-standard lines, balancing valves etc are also in stock please phone for details.






The mats are very high quality edge-bound material, complete with X-Power logo, and available for ZR, Z,S ZT and TF from £74.47.





The X-Power gear knob is machined from solid aluminium and comes in Black, Green or bright finish at £29.75





PIAA bulbs are fitted to many WRC cars and Le Mans cars – they are the best! We stock the range. Headlamp bulbs start at £36.40 per pair.





X-Power fire extinguishers come as a complete kit ready to mount and plum-in from £299.00 for a 4-litre mechanical system and £406.50 for a 4 litre electrical system. We also have individual hand held extinguishers from £57.59




PIAA silicone wiper blades give a clearer screen smoother operation – from £14.00.







The MG X Power body decals as used on the works cars are now generally available for the first time. Each decal is available individually, so you can dress your ZR up to look Gwyndaf’s your ZS to look like Anthony’s or you can take a more subtle approach and add perhaps a windscreen header or a pair of mirror decals. All decals are available in Green on White (as works cars), Black on Silver and Red on White Sample price

Windscreen header from £34.50

Mirror decals per pair from £15.00

Body side diagonal from £81.00



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